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Servicing and Diagnostics

Although we specialise in MOTs, we can perform a range of other services which includes repairs, diagnostics and servicing.

By regularly servicing your vehicle, you can improve its fuel economy, safety and potential costly and inconvenient repairs. Here at Scott Vehicle Services Ltd, we only use quality parts and lubricants to ensure that your vehicle is in top condition and runs as well as possible. Our garage has been established for over 40 years and in this time we have built up an enviable reputation for quality workmanship for fair and honest rates.


All of our servicing is completed by trained and experienced mechanics who pride themselves on offering an impeccable standard of workmanship on every job, no matter how large or small it may be. Our commitment to quality has ensured that we have been recommended many times by past customers, as well as visited by regular clients.

Thanks to recent changes in the European Union, you can now get car servicing for excellent value from a local garage without the fear of invalidating your vehicle's manufacturer warranty.

As well as vehicle servicing, we can perform engine diagnostics to check whether your vehicle is running as smoothly as it can. Modern vehicles have become more technologically complex and virtually all systems on cars and other vehicles are controlled by electrical control units (ECUs).

Any repairs or servicing on these types of system requires to be carried out using diagnostic machines in order for the technician to communicate to the ECU and determine any issues with the vehicle. This enable us to specifically target and repair the faulty part without expensive testing and maintenance.

Thanks to recent changes in European Union (Block Exemption) legislation, you can get maximum value-for-money car servicing from a top quality local garage, without the fear of invalidating your vehicle warranty

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